The Story of New Zion Since 1969

In February 1969, New Zion Baptist Church called its 21st pastor, the Reverend Norman Shaw. The 37-year-old Mississippi native graciously accepted the call of the church. Under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the leadership of the Reverend Shaw, the church was led into areas never before undertaken in its history.

In October 1971, construction was begun on new sanctuary and educational facility adjacent to our old structure at a cost of $43,000. The twenty year mortgage was paid off in 4-1/2 years.

Another giant step was taken in September 1972 when the church was led to "go full time" by holding services each Sunday instead of every 1st and 3rd Sundays, thus ending a 79-year-old custom.

The late Reverend J. H. Ross of Chicago extended an invitation to New Zion and Pastor Shaw to actively participate in the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. The choir sang and Pastor Shaw preached in the convention in Dallas in 1976, becoming the church's first to do so.

Several committees were organized under the leadership of Pastor Shaw including the Holy Land Committee -- a committee to send the pastor and his wife to the Holy Land, Mission II, the Soul Winners Committee, and the Norman Shaw Scholarship Fund. Some of these Committees are functioning today. 

The Lord has certainly blessed New Zion Baptist Church and Pastor Shaw who served as its pastor for more than 21 years. Reverend Shaw considered it an honor and privilege to have followed in the footsteps of great pastors in serving this church.